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¡Buenos días!
¿Qué tal?

online group classes

Learn online from home, work or away, at times to suit your lifestyle. 

Flexible and convenient, these classes are ideal if you would like to practise your business language (meetings, presentations, phonecalls), prepare for an official exam, prepare for an interview, or simply practise your speaking and listening for fun!

Improve your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, speaking and listening.  


All you need is a good internet connection, a Skype or Zoom account (free and simple to set up) and a PC or tablet and you're away! 

online conversation classes

Do you already know some Spanish but would like to practise your speaking and listening skills? Great chance to gain confidence and also to meet some new people.

Our Conversation Classes are now online. Grab yourself a beer, wine or a cuppa and join one of our groups on Zoom or Skype!

one to one online tuition

One to One

Via Zoom or Skype


These classes are ideal if you require more flexibility, need to learn  more quickly or just simply enjoy One to One!  


If you need a special course, we can arrange tailor made classes to suit your  needs. 

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